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Hey, Shithead, You’re Right!

[MSN] “Senator Joe Manchin privately told his Senate colleagues that he believes Americans will abuse government benefits […] that parents will use child tax credit money to buy drugs and that workers will abuse the paid family leave program in the legislation to get out of work and go on hunting trips”

Hey, Shithead, you’re right! Parents often by drugs with money – be it earned or tax credit – to buy Advil and Tylenol and whatever other drugs they need to have a healthy family. Given the costs involved with health care, what did you think they would do? Steal them off the shelf at Walmart?

Personally, I love the explicit call out of a “hunting trip” – Freudian slip, perhaps, making me think old Joe has plans when the Senate is expected to be in session.

The Black KKK

Fox Sports: Taylor’s death a grim reminder for us all. There’s a reason I call them the Black KKK. The pain, the fear and the destruction are all the same.


I mean, consider what happened to Imus, when he said one offcolored remark and then read this post from Jason Whitlock… makes me wonder what the fallout will look like. Especially since the guy is right.

Just wow.

World of Warcraft

I guess it’s time to come out of the closet with this…

I don’t play World of Warcraft.

In fact, I refuse to play WoW. And when pressed about it, I get very animated about not playing it. Why? No interest for one, but there’s another reason: self defense. Read this entry from Rands In Reposes and come back.

That’s why I won’t play it. You don’t give a diabetic keys to a candy store. You don’t give a heroin addict a vile full of crack. You don’t hold Elphaba under a waterfall. Bad ideas, all of them. I’ve got too much to do already these days to “waste” time on WoW… besides, I refuse to give up the time I dedicate to shooting other humans in real time via Halo. Guilds… Level 60… pft. Who needs’it?

Honestly. Just say No.

Sweet Baby Bubba

Bill Clinton via FoxNews: [Democrats] don’t mind fighting over the issues, but uh, if still after twenty-five years of doing this with great success, when it’s done in every election it seems like we’re always surprised. We’re surprised when [Republicans] do it and surprised when it works. And there’s no excuse for that. That’s our fault, not theirs. They’re in business to beat us, and they’ve got a, if they have a business plan that works at every election, why should they change it until it doesn’t work anymore?

Ya know, if our ex-Pres had said this while in office, he mighta won my vote. OK, maybe not have won it, but he would have won my respect, which he didn’t have for eight years….
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