Thank You MSNBC!

w00t! The latest redesign of MSNBC got rid of the brick of popup menus! I hated the old design. Anytime you rolled anywhere close to the left side of a browser you were treated to a mogambo popup – like 90% of the screen would go grey. Not to mention it was a “rollover” menu: if you were trying to navigate the menu you had to walk the fine narrow path of the menu items… not only ugly but horrific to use.

No lie: when I used to teach an HTML class, I used to point students to the MSNBC site for “what not to do with JavaScript” and the old ICQ site for “what not to do with web design” [they used to have three columns of text and 27 screens of scrolling] because I felt they were that bad.


3 thoughts on “Thank You MSNBC!”

  1. Sorry Jonathan :| I mean the good news is that I’m not in that group, so your opinion should mean more to them than mine would, but I’m still thrilled :)

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