A Good Case For Birth Control

RedAssedBaboon: Basically, it’s a video of a session from the X-Box Live game of Rainbow Six. A kid forgets to turn his microphone off when he starts arguing with his mom about playing the game. While I’m sure we’ve all been there, it gets pretty sad and pathetic. Video [warning: vulgar language included]

The lil bastard needs a beat down. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “A Good Case For Birth Control”

  1. This is insane. How about this, you teach the kid a lesson and I’ll beat down his parents. Stuff like this doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Simple solution…take away the kid and lock up the parents.

  2. I DO give the guy that was recording a lot of credit… if I was privy to this whole thing, I woulda popped a bullet in his character’s head.

    The closest to this I’ve come has been hearing a mother over the headset with a “Time for bed, Johnny!” followed by a “Hey, guys, I’m out after this game!”… which is painful enough, since the kid was kickin’ my ass all over the map, but still… nothing like this video.

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