Memoirs of an Italian Geek: Digital Edition

Looks like Amazon has started to offer my book in a digital format, in addition to the existing paperback and hardcover versions.

I’m just so confused by this.

Update: Amazon’s error! They accidentally posted this to a whole bunch of different authors… looks like I don’t have a digital version after all (iUniverse still quotes $99 to add the option and I’m still reluctant).

When I published with iUniverse, I said “gimmie the cheapest edition I can get”… I figured this would be the eBook format, but lo! I was wrong. The package I was signed up for offered paperback as the cheapest option. They ordinarily wanted an additional charge to make the book available in hardcover, but that was included for free as part of a special promotion, so I got that too. For an eBook edition, they wanted an additional $99.

I went pftttt at that. I mean, I’m a technologist. You want me to pay $99 for some editior to press “Save as Acrobat” in Word? I said “Thanks but no thanks”.

That all happened in 2003. Today I was poking around Amazon and wanted to see what my sales rank was – the other day I noticed it was just under 500K, which means someone bought a copy, since it usually hovers around 2 million. I did a search for Memoirs of an Italian Geek and see “Hardcover / Paperback / Digital”. Digital? Whoa, where’d that come from? Emailed the publisher, but I still dunno. But I ain’t complaining:

Memoirs of an Italian Geekhardcover | paperback

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