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Priceless… or something.

Number of days since contacting your publisher about re-printing your book so it sucks less: 365

Cost of re-printing the book: about $200

Number of pages changed in the year long re-printing effort: 0

Years at current sales rate before making back original printing costs: about 20

Time spent blogging when I should have been editing my book: infinity + 1


I should just stop sleeping altogether so I have more time to do things.

Memoirs of an Italian Geek: Digital Edition

Looks like Amazon has started to offer my book in a digital format, in addition to the existing paperback and hardcover versions.

I’m just so confused by this.

Update: Amazon’s error! They accidentally posted this to a whole bunch of different authors… looks like I don’t have a digital version after all (iUniverse still quotes $99 to add the option and I’m still reluctant).
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Like What You’ve Been Reading Here?

If you’ve like what you’ve read here – and you like to read books as well as blogs – I recommend that you check out my book. Wait, what book? It’s been out for a little while and I’ve been plugging it here and there over the months but I’ve held off truly promoting if for some personal reasons. Those reasons are now taken care of, so I’m content to plug away.

buy my book<shameless plug>

Check out Memoirs of an Italian Geek, by R. L. Santi at iUniverse, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon – you can find out more about the history of the book at http://www.rlsanti.com/

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And thanks for reading the site!

Update: Memoirs of an Italian Geek

Just a quick update. The review came back from the publisher and they suggested some updates and some changes. Consequently, there was another round of proofreading and editing done and the now final final final manuscript has been shuttled off to the publisher. More importantly, there’s a new website with that will handle the updates for this book – you’ll find it at http://www.rlsanti.com/.