Penultimate Potter: Book Six of Seven

Yes, that is a copy of the latest Potter book in my backpack. What’s more is I bought it from a QFC at 12:01, as they had it on sale. And yes, there was a line there too: people waited in line for a book – the fact that it was in a food store (not to mention the Borders and Barnes & Noble around town) is almost as shocking.

Sadly the penultimate volume will be finished by Sunday, so I guess it’s already time to start the clock for the next one.

Update @ 9:24pm: OK, so it didn’t make it to Sunday. Yeah, I’m done with it. Yeah, I had as much chance of putting it down as I did The Firm when I first read that. And yeah, I’m annoyed as hell that I’ll have to wait for the final book.

Frankly? I didn’t think Rowling has as much bollocks [balls for the non-English] as she’s shown through the plot of this one. I’m pretty damned impressed.

3 thoughts on “Penultimate Potter: Book Six of Seven”

  1. I didn’t think Rowling had the tight writing style in her as she showed with the current tome. Unlike most of the series — especially the last couple of books, where the last chapter or two was sitting around and explaining what had been going on over the course of the book — this one moved forward strongly and relentlessly. I feel much better about the series after this.

  2. I’m downright giddy. And I’m hoping the fourth movie takes it’s cues from the third one, rather than the first and second. The first two were very much “Here’s the book, on the big screen”. Not much cinematic pop to it: everything was center screen and sorta “forced” – also looked like they cared about effects. The third was more of a movie… more care to direction and “watchability”. And they take the effect for granted – you forget how good they are, much like what Spidey, X2 and LotR did. I guess they’ll continue to develope a style in the movies like they have been in the books.

  3. I can’t wait to see the last movie! As for Rowling’s style, I think she had a really good idea but at he same time her way of writing has got a bit worse in the last books…I hope the movie will be nice..

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