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Potter: The Fourth Movie

I didn’t think it was as good as the third, in all honesty. At least from a movie point of view. The first two were rather stiff and felt like a movie adaptation of the books. Three felt like a movie that had a screenplay that was based on the book. Four is still a movie, but without having read the book, I think would have been thoroughly lost.

[minor spoilers after the jump]
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Penultimate Potter: Book Six of Seven

Yes, that is a copy of the latest Potter book in my backpack. What’s more is I bought it from a QFC at 12:01, as they had it on sale. And yes, there was a line there too: people waited in line for a book – the fact that it was in a food store (not to mention the Borders and Barnes & Noble around town) is almost as shocking.

Sadly the penultimate volume will be finished by Sunday, so I guess it’s already time to start the clock for the next one.

Update @ 9:24pm: OK, so it didn’t make it to Sunday. Yeah, I’m done with it. Yeah, I had as much chance of putting it down as I did The Firm when I first read that. And yeah, I’m annoyed as hell that I’ll have to wait for the final book.

Frankly? I didn’t think Rowling has as much bollocks [balls for the non-English] as she’s shown through the plot of this one. I’m pretty damned impressed.