I think it’s about time that we remove all of the warning labels off everything and let nature take it’s course.

No, no, really, I mean it. Call it Natural Selection. Or maybe Natural De-Selection is more apropos. Either way, just put stuff out there and let it go. The idiot population would drop instantly. Lawyers would have to drop idiotic lawsuits. The human race – or at least America – would instantly be much stronger, if smaller. I think gardeners call it pruning.


2 thoughts on “Grump.”

  1. Or worse, provided a scapegoat. Someone told me today that some woman sued a spermicide company b/c she put their jelly on her toast and still got pregnant. She sued. Whether she won or she didn’t doesn’t matter: because of the obsession on warning labels, she had enough of a case to find a scapegoat. Worse, she hooked the company into court which not only wastes their money, but we all lost cash because the court’s time was used and wasted.

    Nevermind that the package has directions… and that those direction never say “eat to prevent pregnancy”… and the whole common sense aspect of it all. The worst part is that she’s procreating.

    At least it tasted like shit, I’m sure. :)

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