I’d Give Him a 2.4

FoxSports: A fan plunged from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium onto the screen behind home plate during Tuesday night’s game between New York and the Chicago White Sox, then was taken to a hospital for observation. […] “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. “I think that’s New York, you know, anything can happen.”

Indeed anything can happen. Twice. I happened to be at the game the last time a drunken fan hit landed on the screen; took the players a while to realize what happened and for the umps to pause the game.

Dumb asses.

2 thoughts on “I’d Give Him a 2.4”

  1. Um… well, see, I dunno about that, about the last time I mean. Honest: the players noticed it first, and told the umps. The umps were like, OK, lets keep playing – Torre pulled the Yankees off the field at that point, while the guy just laid there… otherwise, I think they woulda kept on playing, so it might be applied to the umps too, but yeah, I meant both fans :)

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