A Word On Video Podcasting

Yet another post spawned from a FurryGoat IM window.

I said it a long time ago… one of the reasons why I like blogs is because I can skim articles. And I like newspapers and books online so I can skim and search across the entire article or volume. So this notion of Podcasting means naught to me. In fact, all of the hype around it drives me up the freakin’ wall. Screw audio. In most cases, Geeks should be read and not heard.

Now we have video Podcasting. Unless porn is involved – and I mean porn by professionals – it’s a complete abuse of technology. I mean it. Think about it this way: the old cliché runs that most radio DJ’s are DJ’s because they have a great voices but might not look good enough for video. We’ve got Geeks that be read rather than heard and what? We’re going to give them a video camera for video Podcasting on an iPod?

I think not.

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  1. Video Podcasts

    Almost a year ago, I completely poo-poo’d the idea of Podcasting. But now that Apple has introduced the Video iPod, like Russell (more here), I can totally see video podcasting taking off. I’m not sure why I find the iPod

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