XBox 360 Sighting

Fred Meyer in Redmond, WA.

Not the normal kiosk: they got a 360 in the case with a wired controller and a wide-screen LCD up in the air. In fact, it’s a really interesting “design” since you can’t play with it for more than 4 minutes before your neck starts to ache – it’s that high up the wall – which I guess helps drive incentive to buy your own, rather than camping out at the store. [pics after the jump]

3 thoughts on “XBox 360 Sighting”

  1. Wow Randy, looks like we shop at the same store. Perhaps I’ll run into you in the produce section. Oh wait, I don’t eat fruits and vegetables. Ice cream aisle, perhaps?

  2. I don’t eat the veggies either… fruit is a quick dinner. Ice cream, eh? Maybe… how about the beer aisle? That usually has a higher priority than ice cream, I’m afraid :)

  3. I work at the covington fred meyer, and they dont have cool shit like that. Ill be waiting in line at 4 in the morning for the release (big 10% employee discount) foshizzle

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