Windows Vista

I think I might have mentioned it before, but I’m opting to do it again: what are people calling this on the outside?

Windows XP has been XP and WinXP in my travels. If Windows Vista follows suit is it Vista? Or WinVi? I like Win-vee, personally: in the grand scheme of things, it’s Windows version 6.0 so it’s got the Roman numeral tie in, in addition to rhyming somewhat with kawaii.

Or is it just Vista?

5 thoughts on “Windows Vista”

  1. I’ll probably still be calling it Longhorn a few years from now. I remember when in my early days at Microsoft (when I was still isolated from the mothership) and there were all these people calling XP “Whistler.” I remember thinking they were awfully pretentious, or something — just call it “XP” already!

    But now that I’ve been so much closer to Longhorn, err, Vista, for so long, it’s going to be hard for me to call it by its proper name.

  2. That’s true – I was with Symantec when 95 was being worked on and we called it Chicago for a long long time after release. Cairo never seemed to stick b/c NT was easier to say :)

    I find I alternate between Longhorn and Vista – depends on where my mind is at that moment – but I’m try to get Longhorn outta my vocabulary… just not always successful!

  3. I think it’s better to call it simply Vista. I’m feeling kinda proud of this Italian-sounds-like word. Thank’s Bill, we love you.

    (Yeah, we don’t love him… but let him believe…)

  4. I have a certain amount of affection for the man… ;)

    Actually, there was a good long convo the first day they announced it around the campus: was it Vee-sta or Vis-ta or Viz-ta (like Visio). I find myself falling back to the Italian “Vee-sta” which seems to be what the exec were going for.

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