TypePad Strangeness

Not sure what is going on, exactly, but it would seem that my category pages are completely hosed. I have them set to “last 25” which used to show the last 25 posts for each category. It still seems to filter OK, but it’s now only pooling out of the last 25 posts in all categories, meaning that things like SharpMT and books are completely empty.

Accordingly, I’ve updated the links on the menu to jump to the “Archive by Category” page, with the initial focus on the category clicked… an imperfect solution to be sure, but my hands are pretty much tied until Six Apart gets back to me.

Not often I have to clog up the Rants with blog issues, but this one has irked me for some reason… I’ve been through a few outages and other random errors with TypePad without much complaining – this one, showing a blank page all of a sudden, is really pissing me off for some reason.

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