7 thoughts on “In Stores Now?”

  1. Not a clue… its different for every store. If people ordered from iUniverse directly I get the most; second best is Barnes and Noble. After that it drops since there’s more distributers in the middle.

    One thing is certain: I’ve got to sell about another 100 before I even break even (on the cost of publishing). Another 30 after that and I’ll release an eBook version!

    Lame, I know… :)

  2. I don’t know my reading list is quite full right now

    finish the prince

    read discorses on livy

    read livy 1-10

    read homer

    read in search of schroedinger’s cat

    read the odesy

    (don’t know about the spelling on all of those…)

    so anyway would this book be apropriet for a 14 year old xaml/c#/physics freek. It mentioned somthing about girl problems, is there a guid to solving them included?

  3. so randy would this be a good book to add to my reading list? I think there is a borders neer maymoor park… you givin out autographs? :)

  4. heh – it can also be ordered by BN.com and Amazon and the like. I think it’s pretty much crappy ramblings, but then again, so it this blog and foot traffic continues :)

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