World of Warcraft

I guess it’s time to come out of the closet with this…

I don’t play World of Warcraft.

In fact, I refuse to play WoW. And when pressed about it, I get very animated about not playing it. Why? No interest for one, but there’s another reason: self defense. Read this entry from Rands In Reposes and come back.

That’s why I won’t play it. You don’t give a diabetic keys to a candy store. You don’t give a heroin addict a vile full of crack. You don’t hold Elphaba under a waterfall. Bad ideas, all of them. I’ve got too much to do already these days to “waste” time on WoW… besides, I refuse to give up the time I dedicate to shooting other humans in real time via Halo. Guilds… Level 60… pft. Who needs’it?

Honestly. Just say No.

6 thoughts on “World of Warcraft”

  1. I played Warcraft back when I was in the dorms. It became known as “Warcrack” for its ability to ruin people’s lives. I got lucky and quit when i had a chance. Lord knows if I had played it for another week i may have become permanently hooked.

  2. Well, the thing isn’t so much that it’s addictive… it’s more like work and that’s what helps it embed itself into yer life.

    Sadly, it happens all the time with games. Has for years. They think that if they make it more “realistic” it’ll be “more fun”. Like The Sims Online – if you weren’t in the beta you started as such a disadvantage it wasn’t fun. GTA:SA? You have to take time to make your character bulk up, train, changes clothes (???), and other stuff to get along in the game – lame.

    The only time making things more “realistic” made it fun was with Little Computer People. Steve remembers it – Byte magazine left the app running for so long and without attention: the poor lil bastard died.

  3. I have nothing against WoW if the person playing doesn’t get to envolved in it that they forget to eat, sleep, or their girlfriend… my boyfriend has been addicted to WoW since Christmas of 04. Its getting tot he point that I don’t even see or hear from him in weeks. I’m starting to wonder if we are still together.

    If we broke up now, I don’t think he would even notice it.

  4. Last night there was a new episode of South Park. The entire episode poked fun at World of Warcraft. The boys dedicate their lives to defeating a mad gamer and saving the World of Warcraft. It was hilarious!

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