Man Pwn3d “Press Your Luck” In the fall of 1983 an Ohio man, Michael Larsen, put together an astounding run on the television game show program Press Your Luck. He did so by memorizing the sequences by which the various prize squares lit up on the game board, allowing him to time his button presses to coincide with the lights’ stopping on the most advantageous squares.

I remember watching the show as a kid, but I didn’t see this episode. Wild shit.

5 thoughts on “Man Pwn3d “Press Your Luck””

  1. Back in 2003, GSN aired a documentary called “Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal”. I saw the rebroadcast a few months ago. Sadly, the host of “Press Your Luck”, Peter Tomarken, died in a plane crash last month.

  2. I am trying to find/buy a copy of episodes 196, 197 and 201 of Press Your Luck from June of 1984. My boyfriend was on and I’m trying to surprise him.

    Any ideas of where I can buy a copy?

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