New In The Company Store

I was in our company store the other day and busted out laughing.

You see, just after Thanksgiving last year a new T-Shirt appeared at the store. The front simply says “geek.” in white on black. The back has a “witty” definition (that I could do without) and Microsoft on the sleeve. I bought one the first day I saw it. The shirt has sold extremely well, judging by how often I’ve seen them around campus and the neighboring towns.

Makes sense then that the company would building on the success of this T-Shirt. There’s a few new ones: “geeks rule” is one. “The first rule about the computer club is to not talk about the computer club!” is another. There was one in binary and hex but I didn’t bother to figure out the ASCII – I think it was another “geeks rule”. The last one was simple and funny enough to buy for someone that would appreciate it:

“geeks do it in front of Windows”

6 thoughts on “New In The Company Store”

  1. Hi,

    How can I get this t-shirt? I was at convergence 2006 and missed the opportunity to buy it. I would like to buy one.

    Thanks for any help,


  2. Well, in years past they’d let non-employees get in but I don’t think that’s available anymore… I think MVP’s can get in still. Certainly employees, former employees and MVPs should be able to order via online.

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