Oh. Shit. (RvB Edition)

Today I was driving to work, pretty much in a fog. So much so that I got to my building, I had to drive back home to get my ID badge: sure I could have gotten a “I forgot my ID” sticker to wear all day, but since I get to work so early, the receptionists aren’t even there yet, so no sticker for me.

On my second trip past our Executive Conference Center, I said “oO, big red banners with Chinese on them… oh yeah! The Chinese President is on campus today!” I then looked down at the shirt I was wearing… and said:

“Oh. Shit.”

I knew that there would be a bunch of Chinese government officials running around campus today. The crowds of protesters that were milling around campus… that was a bit of a surprise. Shouldn’t have been, thought: while Anna and I were walking around Redmond the other day, a police motorcade went by – I’m guessing they were practicing holding their formations on the highway. After all, the last time they had to worry about this was when President Bush stayed in downtown Redmond a year or so ago. That made for some interesting traffic in the area.

I had just forgotten about while I was getting dressed this morning, I guess.

You see, I’ve been a fan of Red vs Blue for a long while. Since Season One. They were the reason for me buying an Xbox in the first place. And based on Season One, after all my years of playing CTF in different games, I instantly felt like I was “one with Donut.” He’s the one that walks into the enemy base and accidentally walks out with the flag. That’s what I do: I get the flag, sometimes quite by accident.

So when I hit up the RvB store for a shirt, a couple of years ago, I got a Donut shirt. It’s no mistake that my Live gamer tag is D0NUT O1 – it’s what’s on the back of the shirt. What’s the downside of all of this? Well, Tucker’s shirt says “Blue Army” on it. Because he’s in the Blue Army. Donut currently wears pink light red armor. When the series started, he wore regular red armor. Because he’s in the Red Army. So his first T-Shirt was also red. Bright red. Chinese flag red, in fact.

If I had gotten Chinese food this morning my fortune cookie might have said: “Wearing a T-Shirt that says ‘Red Army’ to work on a day where Chinese government officials are visiting your headquarters while cops patrol the sidewalks to ensure no protestors cause problems makes you a dumb ass.”

I went home during lunch to change.

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