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FIX: Widgets and Chat Won’t Open on Windows 11

On a recent clean install of Windows 11 on a brand-new machine, I ran into an issue with two core parts of the Windows 11 experience:

  1. Widgets did not open when I clicked on the button: the icon would animate and then restore itself
  2. Chat [from the Taskbar] would sometimes open with a “We ran into an issue” or just ignore the click entirely

There was never an error message or anything in the Event Log calling out the issue – it just didn’t work. Most of the reports online were calling out issues from the pre-release versions but most of it didn’t apply to the released builds of Windows. Additionally, I’ve been running on Windows 11 for a long, long time and have never seen this issue before (and we’re talking ~300 clean installs over a period of 18 months) which left me perplexed. Given how I planned to use this machine, I shrugged and turned off the Widgets and Chat buttons on the taskbar and continued the rest of my installs.

Shortly after I put the PC into its new home, I remoted into the box and said “ah, lemme try Widgets now” and lo! I get an error message:

You need Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Oh ko! An error string that is searchable? I can work with that. What’s odd is that I know I had WebView2 installed at some point already because it had like nine instances running while Edge was off. I don’t think I disabled it in anyway, so that tells me some other new install must have knocked it off the box.

That said, I found an install point for the WebView2 Runtime here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/ – after installing the x64 runtime, Widgets and Chat both began to work without issue.

Leaving this as a note to myself as much as sharing it with others.

Oh. Shit. (RvB Edition)

Today I was driving to work, pretty much in a fog. So much so that I got to my building, I had to drive back home to get my ID badge: sure I could have gotten a “I forgot my ID” sticker to wear all day, but since I get to work so early, the receptionists aren’t even there yet, so no sticker for me.

On my second trip past our Executive Conference Center, I said “oO, big red banners with Chinese on them… oh yeah! The Chinese President is on campus today!” I then looked down at the shirt I was wearing… and said:

“Oh. Shit.”
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Public Service Announcement: There Are Real People Online!

The Awful Forums: Oops.

Long story short: this thread was started by a kid wanting to know about getting a shotgun. This thread is where the forum realizes that the kid – after getting advice on how to buy a shotgun – shot some people near his home three days later.

Just a PSA to remind Internet users that there’s a human behind the keyboard: we sometimes forget this while reading blogs, forums, and chat rooms.

FU to F1?

MSNBC: American fans finally fed up with F1

I somehow missed this all day today… looks like the US Grand Prix for Formula One Racing was a pooch screw this past weekend. A tire issue caused 14 of the 20 cars to stay out of the race – judging by the reaction of the fans, I’d say this is like having a five man team roster for a baseball game. And while I have no official opinion of F1 – or NASCAR for that matter – I felt that I should at least share the picture below, if only to point out that even the best censoring team can miss a forest – or in this case a bird – for the tree…