SharpMT on Vista Beta 2

With SharpMT 3.x I tried to use “best practices” when it came to things like network access and security related tasks. It puts the “write-able” files in the right places, asks proper permisisons, etc. I thought I had done a good job. It was OK on XP and on early versions of Vista. Beta 2 however proves to be a stricter arena: SharpMT can’t run because it doesn’t request permissions to register the Spell Checker OCX on start up.

There is a workaround: go into Windows Explorer, right click on the SharpMT.exe file and select “Run as administrator”. This only has to be done once; after this one time registering step, the application will run via the Start Menu or any other SharpMT icon.

Please feel free to report any Vista-specific SharpMT bugs here!

2 thoughts on “SharpMT on Vista Beta 2”

  1. Um, that’s kinda weak, no?

    Why not, on first run, elevate and prompt with a UAP prompt so it can do it’s thing properly. That IS the point of UAP, so you don’t “run as administrator”.

  2. Got me. I think the problem is because I expect it to be able to register the OCX and I don’t specifically request it. The rest of the app runs fine without Administrator rights – just the registering of the OCX horks.

    What I *should* do is register it on the install, where it already has elevated rights, but again, this worked on XP. I ran it for a while with a limited user account and there were no issues… I think Vista is just taking more rights away than XP has, as the default, and this is one area that I didn’t think to check.

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