We’re easily managed. We like shiny things. We like cool things. We can go for years obsessing over things that begin with x or i. We’re easy to please, if supplied with a diet of digital media and caffeine.

However, if you give a Geek a Framework for the Smartphone platform and neglect to include support for an obvious object, then there will be digital unhappiness. How obvious an object does it take to cause unhappiness? Oh, I don’t know… maybe a common dialog for selecting files to open which may have been in the Windows SDK since Three-Point-Fuckin’-Oh? Maybe that? Just MAYBE THAT?! AND YOU FORCE THE GEEK TO SPEND THREE HOURS FINDING A FREE ALTERNATIVE FOR SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE FRAMEWORK?! MEANING THAT I EITHER HAVE TO CODE IT MYSELF OR PAY $100 FOR A CONTROL EVEN THOUGH IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!! AND THAT CAUSES A RESTLESS NIGHT OF CODE-INFLUENCED SLEEP?!?! HOW HAPPY IS THE GEEK THEN?! THAT MIGHT JUST PISS A GEEK OFF!!!!!111! IT IS T3H SUCK!!!1

Lo! I am cranky. Obviously I need something shiny for breakfast.

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