JeanSnow: Manga lovers rejoice! A never-seen-before approach to manga made its debut on the Mainichi Daily News on Monday, July 3, 2006. Manglish takes some of Japan’s hottest young manga talents — showcased in the Mainichi’s MangaTown site — and places their creations on the MDN in their original Japanese format. But, by simply dragging a cursor over the top of the manga, it’s also possible to read them in English.

Now that’s pretty freakin’ neat!

I even considered posting this on Megatokyo’s forums but I just looked at the seven screen FAQ and can’t figure out where to post them… there’s one forum that is about Megatokyo and another that is “general” but since this is anime, I can’t tell where it should go. And of course if I post, I’ll only get banned again, so fuck’m. Let Fred’s fans find this out through other means.

Just sorta sucks, ya know.

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