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  1. Nope. All blogging engines screwed the pooch with this API stuff… they ALL added their own tweaks and ticks for their engine – I support the one I write to (TypePad) and whatever other engines follow the same API (MovableType and TypePad)… a sucky limitation, but a required one.

  2. I will be very shortly. Unfortunately, you caught me JUST after the bar exam preparations started getting fierce, and I couldn’t take the time to work with it.

    Thank you VERY much for this.

  3. I used it from a coffeeshop today, and the basic program seems to work fine. A few notes:

    1) Every time my Q reboots (sadly, a bit often) I lose the Options settings, but they don’t take long to re-enter. This may *not* be a bug, however. I installed PocketSharp MT a few months back, although it didn’t work, and it won’t entirely remove from the Q. So the settings may merely result from that conflict: I’ll retest next time I reboot.

    2) I’ve not uploaded an image yet, the Open dialogue box isn’t all that counterintuitive. At any rate, I didn’t encounter any instability. So no worries there.

    3) Once I upload a draft, it seems like there’s no way to edit that draft. (When I tried, I got a double-post.) I’m not sure if this is by design, or if PocketSharp MT works the same way.

    4) Finally, the one thing that would be really useful is a way to insert set text strings. For instance, something that would insert the text for link tags. Sadly, the “edit” dialogue boxes on Windows Smartphone don’t seem to support any menu options (it’s either Done or Cancel), so that may be impossible. But if you find some trick that lets you do it, it would be fantastic.

    Anyway, thank you very much for putting this together. It’s a great piece of software.

  4. Ah, OK, cool – some notes:

    1) Probably because it never “saves” the options. Part of what this quirky PPC/Phone stuff that irks me is that there’s not supposed to be an Exit… I’ve added one to both apps, but you have to Opt-in for it. Select Show Exit from the menu and you’ll be able to Exit it properly (and save settings). A hard reboot should be the only thing that loses settings (phone-wide).

    2) Sucks on the Open dialog… I was hoping it wouldn’t suck. Any suggestions on it? I can always try to tweak it up a bit.

    3) Sorry, but that’s a limitation on the PPC/Phone side: it doesn’t get/store the links of existing posts so it can’t edit posts that have been posted. You can always edit the posts that are stored locally, of course, but once it goes to the server, it’s gone.

    4) Yeah, I had considered that, much like it will insert a Contacts info, but it’s tricky… once you’re into the full screen edit box you get nothing and the main screen sizes are really small… that’s why I pulled the Tag support: no way to select and even worse options to Insert. I’ll keep an eye out for workarounds tho… would be useful!

    Thanks again for checking it out! I’ll give it a couple more days – if I don’t hear about anything being broken I’ll recompile it (and the desktop and pocket versions – found some small bugs to fix) and call it good!

  5. It’s the nature of Windows Mobile… PC applications have a notion of closing. You can close a window and that’s the end of the application.

    Windows Mobile applications aren’t supposed to expect a closing. They open and stay open. At some point the device will need to get memory for new applications opening, so the device will tell the OS “need more memory”. The OS then looks to see what’s open and then says “OK, you’ve been open long enough: close now!” and then the application will close.

    SharpMT saves its settings on exit… so if the phone gets turned off or if something else happens to it, before the bits are told they are closing, the settings are lost. The “Show Exit” option on both Pocket and Phone #MT allow the application to close like a normal PC application, causing the settings to be written more often.

    What this DOES mean though is that I’m sick to death of this Windows Mobile “you should play nice with others” crap and I’ll be enabling the Exit menu item as a default, come next release.

    Good to hear that it’s behaving though – I should have a new release sometime next week!

  6. Hey!

    I’ve written you before. I really like Pocket SharpMT. I asked if you would consider putting in wordpress support. You said no. But I’m writing again because of this post.

    I did manage to get posting to work but the pictures don’t upload correctly. Doesn’t seem like too much of a thing to rectify. If you want some motivation I can imagine all the bloggers out there running windows mobile that are also using wordpress wouldn’t mind forking over $10 for a good app.

    Just a thought

  7. Thanks again for the interest, but I’m still not interested in supporting any engine but MT… after all, I don’t have a WP based blog and I have no plans to move to it… besides, I haven’t worked on any of the client software in a while.

    FWIW, this post was from 2006 – my concerns of usage isn’t all that pressing!

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