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Phone SharpMT 3.2.1 – Beta 1

What’s Phone SharpMT? I guess some history needs to be rehashed.

SharpMT got started because I wanted a MT/TypePad specific offline blog writer for my notebook; when I started working on SharpMT over three years ago, there simply weren’t any tools that were tied tightly to MT. Pocket SharpMT got spun off during SharpMT 2 because people asked me to do it… Pocket PC’s were getting keyboards and WiFi so it started to make sense. Shortly after getting that out, the Phone-enabled Pocket PC devices hit and Pocket SharpMT went with them. Meanwhile, SharpMT went to version 3 with a new design and using the .NET 2.0 Framework… Pocket SharpMT eventually stepped up to the newer Framework as well.

And then Motorola finally got the Q out the door… a Smartphone based device with a thumb-sized keyboard… and, well, since I might have one someday, a new version of SharpMT simply had to be kicked off:

Phone SharpMT is for the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone platform.
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