Memory Loss

I had a bunch of stuff to write… total memory gap. What’s more is that I was no where near a running instance of notepad or a piece of paper when I was thinking… *shrug* Lost or delayed, does it really matter?

In other news, has anyone else noticed that Vista ships tomorrow night at midnight? And I mean that in a good way – being this close to our Main Campus is like being at the epicenter: I’m wondering if there’s a similar level of excitment in other parts of the country.

Is anyone going to a Best Buy or CompUSA? I’ve seen the list of swag – I’ll probably go.

I’m also amused to see the new Office SKU’s running around store flyers. Over the holidays I heard “Get the Student/Teacher version – it’s the same [as Professional] and much cheaper!” from three stores in two states. The SKU’s change in 2007 – Office Max had a good chart of what comes in each SKU. Of interest was: Edu comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote but no Outlook – Standard comes with the same but with Outlook and no OneNote. There’s also an Ultimate SKU I had overlooked that comes with is the only other SKU to come with OneNote… shame, too because OneNote rules.

Ah well… should be an exciting week on many levels!

4 thoughts on “Memory Loss”

  1. Meh, is what I have to say about Vista. I was pretty stoked about it until I realized its a prettier version of XP that wont run anything unless Microsoft made it. I heard it can’t even run iTunes yet, or any of the games I want to play. So until that stuff gets resolved, I’m sticking to XP. Shame too, cause the Direct X 10 stuff I saw looked awesome. But of course that was Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

  2. And XP was a prettier version of 2000, which is a prettier version of NT 4.0 SUR. If I remember correctly, the entire world freaked when MS said “we’re doing something new, but all of your software will need upgrading” which is what caused the Great Reset and pushed the OS release back 2 years. So, if it’s “a prettier version of XP”, I’d venture to guess that it’s what the mass populous wants.

    I dunno who told you it can’t run iTunes – I’ve been using iTunes 6 on it since Beta 1, and 7 since Beta 2TR. And if the same person told you your games won’t work, check with the studios that make them. :)

    The thing is that in spite of everyone saying it’s a “prettier verions of XP” it’s really not. The driver model has changed. There’s a whole slew of new security things that are inforced now, by default. A whole lot of things in the bowels are new – it just might not bubble up to a new visible feature.

    In my experience, it’s the security bit that causes the most trouble for older applications. All of the security things being enforced have been “you should do this” for years… no one listened. For example, why should an FTP client touch the Machine branch of the registry? That’s bad coding, plain and simple.

    Of course, you can turn off the default security and run it like XP, but I don’t. If I’ve got an older app that needs to write to Program Files, I deal with it on an app by app basis.

    At least ppl in FL are aware it’s coming :)

  3. Well, I read about iTunes not working in Maximum PC. And as far as games, the only one I play now is Final Fantasy XI, and Square-Enix has confirmed that it doesnt work as of yet, but they are working on it. I will get Vista eventually, but not at launch for sure.

  4. Well any OS upgrade at launch is a risky prop… just as it was for SP2 of XP. Frankly, that should have been a . release, but they went with an SP name instead. Before that, the last “big upgrade” was in 2001 and people have forgotten what it’s like to rev an OS. Even OSX has issues between releases…

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