A Return To Saint’s Row: Games Ahoy!

I finished BioShock. The other game that has been stealing my gaming time has ended has been paused until the September 25. All of which means that it’s time that I get back to finished off the games that I’ve been slacking on for a while…

And it’s quite a list, starting with Saint’s Row.

Saint’s Row – took me over a year to finally put this in the drive after I bought it. Must get used to jacking cars again.

MLB2K7 – was playing one game per series, keeping up with the real season, but the Yankees slacking in the AL East pissed me off so I stopped.

Guitar Hero II – worked through most of the set list on Medium with five stars… frankly, I could use the practice before Rock Band hits.

Lost Planet – haven’t opened it yet.

Tenchu Z – haven’t opened that yet either.

Blue Dragon – should be picking this up this week; must find time for Toriyama-sensei’s latest work.

Crackdown – there’s two content packs I haven’t downloaded yet and it really was a fun game…

BioShock – must save all the Little Sisters this time, and I might just play it through on easy to its, uh, easier.

Harry Potter – Shup. I might need the points. *g*

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – no idea, but it should at least rate a look… mecha and stuff.

Call of Duty 3 – I keep meaning to get back to this one… hopefully, I’ll get it done before CoD4 ships.

What’s coming, at least for the next three months? Well, according to the release dates over at Xbox.com:

Rock Band.

Guitar Hero III.

Mass Effect.


Halo 3 (pre-ordered the helmet. I know, I know!, but I must have it!)

Eternal Sonata.

NHL 08.

Beautiful Katamari.

ACME Arsenal.

*sob* all the digital goodness!

I think I’ll go read a book.

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