New Apple Keyboard

‘Someone should kick Steve Jobs in the nuts.’


‘Nah. It’s because I’m standing outside of the [Bellevue] Apple Store with a new keyboard and I don’t know how that happened.’


Real live transcript of a TXT message conversation between me and the ‘goat. I typically use a natural curved keyboard… but then I realized that I type on a straight keyboard on my notebook all the freakin’ time. I’ve found the Microsoft Wireless 7000 to be really cool – especially at home because it’s Bluetooth and can be turned off; since I don’t sit at my desk much, this helps me save battery life. But even that keyboard, while slightly curved, is not split like my usual keyboard yet it’s also comfortable. After playing with the new Apple keyboard for a lil while I said “huh. not bad. shiny! mine!” – 3 minutes later, I had a bag over my shoulder and my Dash in my hand, lamenting the purchase.

Ah well – if I get out of this year with only one purchase caused by standing in the Jobs Distortion Field, I figure that I’ve gotten away cheap…

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