MSN: Are Starbucks’ ‘skinny’ drinks offensive? […] Much of the controversy focuses on the use of the term skinny to describe the fat- and sugar-free drink. One blogger, “SassySexyShapely,” questioned whether people should be offended by the word. As reported by Starbucks Gossip, one barista refused to use the term, calling it politically incorrect.

I’ll admit that I don’t always blog about critical issues. That I sometimes muse over things that other people might not be all that important… things that certainly aren’t life or death, but I still think they can be important to me. I don’t expect anyone to change because of them; I don’t expect anyone else to even care about them. That MSN picked up this story, it tells me that either it’s a really slow news day or there is a large group of people that really care that calling a drink “skinny” might be offensive to them…

And I say, with the utmost sincerity that I can muster: if this is the most important issue you have in your life, get the fuck off my planet.

5 thoughts on “ORLY? YARLY!”

  1. With a name like “SassySexyShapely” Im pretty sure this is just some fat chick trying to get some attention. Get off Randy’s planet indeed, and take your Big Mac with you.

  2. I totally agree, after reading the thirst few words “Are Starbucks’ ‘skinny’ drinks offensive? …” I was thinking “seriously, get a life”

    Must have been a slow news day

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