XNA Game Studio 3.0 and Zune

Blog and XNA: The XNA Community Games Platform team has announced the first feature of the coming XNA Game Studio 3.0, the ability to build games for the Zune platform.

While I’m not at liberty to speculate on a lot of things here – see the FAQ for, well, answers to questions – I will say that a lot of people have shrugged this off as a games specific piece of technology. To that, I just point out that, yes, to compile bits for Zune, you need to use XNA Game Studio 3.0, but: you’ll access to all non-DRM music and pictures, you’ll have access to WiFi, and you’ll be able to put bits that run on the device…

Welcome to the Zune SDK – or as I like to call it ZDK.

(and if I make a “game” that runs on the Zune that offers Shuffle By Album, I’ll be blogging about it!)

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