No reason for a review here – there’s plenty floating out there already… what I will say is the following:

+ I got an advanced copy through pleading, so I’m already 6 hours into the game and have been enjoying it. A lot. And I’ve only seen spots of 1/3 of the overall map.

+ The game play is exactly what I’ve loved GTA and Bully for

+ All of things that I used to dislike about the game are gone in this release (GPS nav rules, auto-saving after every mission, easy health restoring)

– Niko is one slow moving bastard; praise the A-to-Run button

+ The graphics work is simply amazing, even by 360 standards; best thing T2 could have done was release the retro-feeling Bully two months ago…

I’ve heard there’s multiplayer too, but in all honesty: I can’t get away from the story yet.

One thought on “GTA IV”

  1. I too have been knee deep in GTA – it is truly an engaging experience. I’ll send you a friend request – my gamer tag is rabbitod. OH and I’d be honored for you to slaughter me in some Halo 3. :)

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