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GTA IV: Variations On A Theme

Yeah, well, most of my free time has been spent trying to get through the campaigns of GTA IV – that has eaten into blogging time… writing anyway: I don’t have all that much to say these days, I guess. Oh, there are a few blog posts lurking in my head… just not in the mood to write them up, I guess. And reading blogs – the busy times at work has negated that as well! Nature of the business.

That said, GTA IV is more than enough to snag my attention for long periods of time – a rather engaging game and I look forward to the multi-player aspects of it…


No reason for a review here – there’s plenty floating out there already… what I will say is the following:

+ I got an advanced copy through pleading, so I’m already 6 hours into the game and have been enjoying it. A lot. And I’ve only seen spots of 1/3 of the overall map.

+ The game play is exactly what I’ve loved GTA and Bully for

+ All of things that I used to dislike about the game are gone in this release (GPS nav rules, auto-saving after every mission, easy health restoring)

– Niko is one slow moving bastard; praise the A-to-Run button

+ The graphics work is simply amazing, even by 360 standards; best thing T2 could have done was release the retro-feeling Bully two months ago…

I’ve heard there’s multiplayer too, but in all honesty: I can’t get away from the story yet.