Bad Blogger – No Cookie For You!

Obviously, there’s been a gap in posting…

Work: uh, well, there are Titles shipping this year – that alone makes for a lot of work. On top of that, we’re planning for next year, so while our Individual Contributors and Leads continue to work on the current code base, the Leads are also going into hours of meetings, planning our next 12-36 months. That fills a work day. And a work day evening.

Vacation: I took one! Went back to the other coast to see a Yankees game, say good-bye to the old house, and spend some time with friends and family. I have to say that the travel raised an eyebrow: the trip out was a very smooth process – like walked off the JetWay from one plane, waited 3 minutes and boarded another – while the trip back included a 5 hr layover in Chicago. The only drawback to the trip was getting home after midnight on Wed night and going to work at 7 on Thursday morning.

Sleep: Twice this week I went to bed while it was light and woke up while it was light. Ahhhh, the Pacific Northwest summer has begun!

Gaming: HO SHVIT! I HASN’T FRAGGED FOR WEEKZ!!!11!!1!eleventy!

Zune: The XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP dropped and I picked it up… oddly enough, I have a completely working Title that isn’t a game at all. I coded up a nearly fully functional version of Shuffle By Album for the Zune. I mean it works, it’s got a pretty nifty UI – the only two things missing from it are the ability to darken the screen (to save battery life) and detect that the audio plug was disconnected (to support auto-pause). Otherwise, it’s one hell of a framework for Zune programming… I’m rather impressed by it.

iPhone: Oddly enough, I have nothing much to talk about here. I still miss things like MMS messaging, voice dialing, alphanumeric dialing, and an auto-syncing calendar, but overall it’s been a pretty solid device. I’m using the iPod functions in the gym, so I’m going to sell my nano – I’m using the phone functions for phone things. Typing is still slower than the Dash but much faster than a 12-key (and faster than I expected). The touchscreen is a non-issue for me now, especially with the anti-glare, anti-print overlay. The BT headset bug is annoying, but I’m not bit by it often.

Angst: Sorry, but I don’t have anything to have angst about… although the potential for “recounting” in the Democrat’s primary process is extreme. I find it amusing that Florida is again involved in an election problem. At least this one can’t be blamed on Republican influence, since it’s all Democrat related.

Else: we’ll see how things go… at the very least, I need to drop in GTA IV or Halo 3 and get back on my game… been too long!

Geez, I haven’t even been to Fry’s in weeks… :(

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