A Break Of All Stars

Last minute, I told TiVo to grab the All Star game tonight… not that I usually watch it, mind, but seeing as its being held in New York, I figured it was a great opportunity to see Yankee Stadium in it’s glory [and in HD].

Every Yankee introduced from past or present? Greeted as gods. Every Red Sox introduced? Booed. Every Red Sox player that was booed? Laughing and smiling because they’re used to New York fans acting like New York fans…

Classic baseball, and I haven’t even seen the game start yet!

2 thoughts on “A Break Of All Stars”

  1. Randy, I am in town with my 7 year old boy. We live in California and he is a Yankee fan (I grew up in Upstate NY and was a Mets fan (the 69 mets did it for me when I was in 6th grade).. Can you help me on getting seats for tonights A’s – Yanks game.. is it worth 350.00 to get Field Box 6 or 8 seats.. (Not use to these prices, but Padres games are getting crazy with 9 dollar beers (but less humidity!0

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