Becky’s New Car

Culture time bitches!

Went to the ACT theatre the other night with Jolene to see Becky’s New Car.

Yes I went willingly.

This is the third play I’ve seen in Seattle that is not considered “Broadway” class and I have to admit that I’ve been spoiled by having Broadway a short train trip away all my life… yet, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by all three, this latest one being “blogworthy”.

Why this one?

Simply put, it was just that entertaining.

First off, it’s in the Round – this is something that either works extremely well for a play or fails miserably. In this case, it was a key part of the story itself: I thought that the ability to have people come in and go out in completely different directions was very important to the flow of the action. On top of that, the cast is able to see the entire audience and respond to them. As this is a Comedy-Drama, the cast seems to meter the amount of comedy they can expect as the audience responds to it. Our audience was very chatty – laughing out loud at times and deadly silent in others.

The story itself is about a woman that has been married for a long while – with a son in college – and is offered an opportunity to… well, take on a new life. There’s a small cast – so it’s easy to follow along – and it’s well casted so it’s entertaining. The set is simple yet complex – there are pieces moving all over the stage, which allows “visible” scene changes, but they aren’t overdone either.

And it’s just beginning it’s stint at the ACT – looks like tickets are going for $40 – $55 depending on the day and time, which is pretty cheap compared to what’s selling on Broadway in NYC. Started on Oct-17 and runs to Nov-16.

If you’re in the area, you should go see it…

For realz.

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