Glutton For Punishment

Thus begins Round Three of the Apple saga…

I bought a MacBook last night. 2GHz (no underlit keyboard but also less heat than the 2.4GHz), 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 802.11n, etc. My take is that it has a really nice looking screen. Excellent chassis design – first MB/MBP/PowerBook that won’t have bowing problems on the lit or warping problems on the bottom. Keyboard is a little weird for me because the bottom half of the notebook is thicker than what I’m used to. New trackpad rocks: you can turn tapping off but still click because the whole bottom half of the trackpad physically clicks. Makes a cha-chunk sound, but so did the last Dell I used… and now that it’s aware of where the clicking is happening, the lower left and right corners are right-clicks, so my one button complaint is gone.

Why did I buy this one? iPhone development on the road and I’m planning on replacing the Mac mini in the living room since I almost never use it for iTunes playback – the TiVo with Amazon, 360 with Marketplace, and NXE with Netflix have all been the primary means of getting digital video to the TV – iTunes pretty much became a back up.

Already repaving the box tho – typing in the wrong short user name on the first pass caused this exercise…

No matter how good the hardware or the software, User Error can kill anything!

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