Note To Self: Browsers Still Suck a Decade Later

Note to self: not matter how big a file is on a remote server – i.e. a 7.37GB .TiVo file that I’m attempting to download over my local network – the following applies:

Browser    Version    Max Download Allowed
Internet Explorer v7 4GB
Firefox v3 6.75GB
Safari v3 6.75GB
Chrome v1 4GB
Opera v9.6 6.75GB

I have no idea how any browser team can find this as an acceptable limitation. FTP can handle a monster download – it’s just streaming bits, be it HTTP or otherwise. Obviously TCP/IP has no limitation – neither should the HTTP protocol since I’m finding different limits with different browsers. IE also get tagged because it inherently limits your downloads to two at a time, unless you tweak the registry…

Dial up software limits living in broadband times? Pft.

5 thoughts on “Note To Self: Browsers Still Suck a Decade Later”

  1. As well as 1/2 the field: 6.75GB. Just stops… it *could* be because the server itself stops (TiVo admits that it’s not actively supported) but IE and Chrome simply stop at 4GB.

    Had to reactivate the st00pid TiVo tools… hmpf!

  2. Interestingly enough, I think it’s a TiVo problem… I installed the TiVo software again on the PC, tugged the movie – stops at 6.75GB too. So Opera, Safari and Firefox all may not have caps – Chrome and IE definitely do.

    Either way, I feel cheated: I can’t get a show off my TiVo that I should be able to… pft.

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