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Note To Self: Browsers Still Suck a Decade Later

Note to self: not matter how big a file is on a remote server – i.e. a 7.37GB .TiVo file that I’m attempting to download over my local network – the following applies:

Browser    Version    Max Download Allowed
Internet Explorer v7 4GB
Firefox v3 6.75GB
Safari v3 6.75GB
Chrome v1 4GB
Opera v9.6 6.75GB

I have no idea how any browser team can find this as an acceptable limitation. FTP can handle a monster download – it’s just streaming bits, be it HTTP or otherwise. Obviously TCP/IP has no limitation – neither should the HTTP protocol since I’m finding different limits with different browsers. IE also get tagged because it inherently limits your downloads to two at a time, unless you tweak the registry…

Dial up software limits living in broadband times? Pft.