Take Fast!

Not sure where 2009 is going but it’s obvious that it’s not being channelled into the blog… and I’m not even going to apologize for it. The simple truth is that there hasn’t been much going on that needs Ranting about. And what does need Ranting about is being passed through other channels be it work or personal related… after all, somethings are just simply not meant for public consumption. Hell, even my Facebook status goes for up to a week without an update…

That said, I’ve been holding out for Al-baby to do something stupid that would help me to rally, but he’s been remarkably quiet as of late. The only other coming head explosion will be that around our coming King Country (or WA) sales tax increase… the splash zone of brain matter will be directly impacted by the size of the increase… I’m expecting to be at 9.5% by summer and 10% by year end. This will mean a large head pop.

In other news, there’s a foster kitten in my upstairs bathroom in an experiment to see how my allergies [and allergy medication] hold up with critters in my house… so far so good, but time will tell.

Ever forward.

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