Snow-globed …in April?

Went snowshoeing this weekend for the first time. Drove from 75 and sunny in the lowlands to 120″ snow base at the Summit in Snoqualmie. Was told by one group of people “you can’t shoe here – this is private property!” which got a ‘Uh, you own the whole mountain?’ in reply. The woman replied with “Actually, yes! We bought 80 acres a couple of years ago!” which sent me scurrying down a mound of snow. Equally as mind blowing was walking around on shoe-things that are about two feet long on a massive layer of snow while wearing a short-sleeve shirt, but it was hot up there… was fun tho – may do it again this or next week. Heard there was bare ground starting to show in some places already…

Nind numbing? That was doing a FacePlant into said layer of snow and need help to get up because I tried to walk forward with your left shoe pinning the right shoe down.


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