Bite It, EU

New York Times: E.U. Criticizes Microsoft Plan to Remove Browser

Let me get this straight: you want to fine Microsoft for bundling a browser because… well, I don’t know why – you say it’s over choice of browser and that having a browser included with an OS somehow hinders making choices… and now you’re complaining because Microsoft decides to make IE an add-on? Isn’t that what you asked for?

Or better yet, why isn’t there a Safari-free, iTunes-free, and iChat-free version of OS X for the EU? I’d say it’s a pack of hypocrites over there but that would be putting it far too mildly… this feels more like mafioso work. And of course, the US government does nothing to protect it’s own companies…

Even better still: call the fines a banking fee since you are trying to use Microsoft as an ATM machine a few times a year.


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