Running Forward; Looking Back

Sort of sounds like “don’t run with scissors” doesn’t it?

A bunch of milestones game and went over the weekend, without so much as a letter typed on the blog… been in WA for five years this past Thursday. Been at Microsoft for five years, as of yesterday. That’s what the crystal picture here is – they give a blue one for employees that have been here for five years. Green for 10, red for 15, 20 gets you orange, and 25 gets you all four colors on a crystal that is bigger than your head. This one is about 7″ tall – consider that, when compared to the others – and it becomes very, very shiny to Geek eyes.

So why no nostalgia writing? I was busy over the weekend, spending time with Jolene, checking out the Woodlawn Zoo for the first time, running down south to pick up a new car on Friday, getting rid of a dead TV, tackling a Rip-n-Tear sale at REI, popping up to Lynnwood for a quick mall visit, watching a movie and a half, testing some Xbox stuff at home, battling a nasty headache from muscle tension, buying a new netbook at Costco (which may not survive the review process,) picking up some roses at QFC, attempting to find parking on Broadway to swill some coffee – twice without success! – and stopping at the Pro Club for a dip in the spa… yeah, I was busy. And it’s good.

That’s why there was no nostalgia: how can you look back when you’re living forward at full speed?

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