EU: Screwing Everyone Equally, One Decision at a Time

Ars: Windows 7 E: no upgrades for the EU […] Both Windows XP and Windows Vista come with Internet Explorer, and the upgrade editions of Windows 7 were never tested to handle the installation of Windows 7 without Internet Explorer. Mike Ybarra, general manager of product management of Windows, told Ars that Microsoft had three choices for the release of Windows 7 E: delay the whole release of Windows 7 to make sure everyone gets the release of Windows 7 at the same time and without any upgrade problems, delay the release of Windows 7 just in Europe and have this market wait till Windows 7 E passes all upgrade tests, or don’t offer upgrade versions at all.

Microsoft chose the last solution, and it’s actually a pretty good one, for both Microsoft and consumers. Windows 7 E editions will be sold only in full versions: there will be no upgrade versions available in the European Union.

Nice to know that the EU, who says they are attacking Microsoft in the interest to do what’s right for their consumers, are putting their fist to the ass of the EU citizen yet again, by forcing less functionality and increase purchase costs, compared to the rest of the world. Oh, but wait:

The good news is that the full versions will be available at the upgrade price

Microsoft seems to care more about the citizens of the EU more than the EU government does… I’m sure the EU can find a way to workaround this and screw the populous some more.

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