Is iPhone 3.0 Software SIM Unlocked?

Before you answer “no” have you actually tried it on either an already activated phone or a non-activated iPhone with the 3.0 software (meaning 3GS, out of the box.)

Jolene has a non-3G, non-iPhone SIM that is with AT&T that previously didn’t work in:

– 2G iPhone with 1.x or 2.x software

– 3G iPhone with 2.x software

Tonight on a whim, I popped her non-3G, non-iPhone SIM into my 3G iPhone which has the 3.0 software and it worked. Made calls, received calls, called into VM fine (since it’s not enabled for Visual Voicemail.) I then put her SIM into my 3GS and it worked there too. On a further whim, I put in an old non-connected T-Mobile SIM… the iPhone did not reject it. Obviously I couldn’t place a call but in the past I had gotten a “this is an unauthorized SIM” message. I even went ahead and wiped the 3G iPhone clean and put the SIM in: worked there as well.

And so the questions in my head are:

– Does this only work on purpose or is this a bug in the 3.0 firmware?

– Has anyone activated a 3GS with a non-AT&T SIM?

– If not, does this only work on activated phones?

Or is this breaking news and I was the first guy to stumble into it?

8 thoughts on “Is iPhone 3.0 Software SIM Unlocked?”

  1. Never activated? That I don’t know. In fact, I wouldn’t think so, only because I had an enabled SIM and that didn’t auto-activate the new 3Gs out of the box.

    That said, if you have a friend first sync it with their SIM, you should be able to use your SIM after that, *if* you turn off (and leave off) 3G on the phone. I know that when I tried a non iPhone SIM on my iPhone with 3G turned on, it worked but I was sent a TXT message saying HEY! WE SAW THAT! COME GET A PLAN UPGRADE! – they aren’t allowed to auto upgrade the plan but who needs TXT reminders?

  2. Gotcha-so if I were to use a friends sim to turn on the phone, then I would be able to ‘activate’ the phone, hook it up to the computer, then unlock, could this damage their sim card? then us nearly any sim card.

    I bought software from Global iPhone Unlock, while reading the directions is when I realized this would be an issue. Haven’t bought a phone yet.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. In theory, yes. What happened for me was that I activated my 3Gs and then put my gf’s AT&T SIM into it, and it worked. That surprised me… now can your friend activate another 3Gs with iTunes and not sign it up for a new contract? That I don’t know.

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