Xbox LIVE NXE Update

The update has been available to the world for the last six hours. I missed the actually releasing of the bits because I was home, dreaming in colored code.

As most people know, I have been working on Avatar Marketplace for a while.  There was some rumblings about it, when E3 was going on, and as I was testing out the feature, my Avatar picked up some never before seen swag. This morning I woke up to and popped online, to see how things were in the Store and, well, holy shit.  There’s a lot more stuff up there than I knew about!  Gears of War 2 armor.  Halo 3: ODST armor.  The helmets from Big Daddy’s in Bioshock 2.  Basketballs, pom-poms, and soccer balls.  Even a light saber from The Clone Wars.  The that made me go “oh” though was Big Daddy Doll Prop that you can carry around the blades with you.


3 thoughts on “Xbox LIVE NXE Update”

  1. No idea. I didn’t know about half the stuff that appeared this morning… like I knew there was ODST armor because it was briefly shown at E3 but I didn’t know when it would come and if it would be a Marketplace item or an Award from the game. I didn’t know anything about the Star Wars stuff… that was quite a great surprise!

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