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After three years, I’ve finally had to make a change to SharpMT… I could have made the changes to the version at Codeplex but I decided to do it on my own local code base (and share the bits) because 3.x includes spell checking and the 4.x on Codeplex does not due to licensing issuess. Click-through to see the changes, but there are only a few.

SharpMT 3.3.1: Install MSI | FAQ and Product Info

Change log:

– Fixed a problem with running SharpMT on a 64-bit machine. Don’t know how this has gone on for so long but I finally hit the problem when trying to run SharpMT on Windows 7 x64… after some digging, I found that it wasn’t Windows 7 but the change in my OS from 32-bit to 64-bit that caused the problem: the spell checker OCX simply wouldn’t load, with how the SharpMT EXE was being compiled. The EXE now compiles as a x86 application, which allows the OCX to load without complaint. Guess not many people were using XP or Vista 64-bit: this should have happened there as well.

– Updated the OCX detection code for SharpMT. This is tied to the 64-bit change: the application now checks two Registry keys to determine if the OCX is installed – if it can’t find it, it tries to register it for you. The problem here is that you won’t be running as an Administrator, so the registration call fails. The workaround would be to run SharpMT once as Administrator, but the truth is that the installer should do that for you.

– Updated the installer, because of the item above: the spell checker OCX is now registered at install-time rather than runtime, which allows SharpMT to run without Administrator rights.

– Fixed a sizing issue with the Minimize links on the main editor window. Been driving me nuts since Vista shipped so I thought I’d take the time to tweak it now.

– Removed the EXE style of installer in favor of the MSI installer because of the OCX registration changes – MSI handled it well and I can’t even find the project that I used to make the EXE installer.

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