Scorecard: Vacation 1 – Coding 0 – Gaming 1/2

Ah, the start of a new year… time for a small recap.

Just back from a two week holiday… spend one week on the east coast. Jolene and I hit up Manhattan twice, Mohegan Sun once, and spent Christmas with the family. After four Metro-North trips, three subway rides, two car trips later, and eight days of 6% sales tax and now we’re both back home. One of the funnier things was realizing that we actually needed the two hours before the boarding at JFK – not for security measures but because of the long line at the Bag Drop off… sorta sad really: 200 people deep and they are charing you to check bags in the first place. They should have a $10 more and go express option… no lie either: the line was 200 people deep. We were one of the last 10 people to board.

Aside from that, I was thinking about coding up some stuff while out of WA. Oops. Didn’t open a compiler once… and I’m not altogether unhappy about that. I also haven’t looked at an RSS feed since I left work… feel out of touch, but again: I’m not altogether unhappy about that either. I think I needed the analog break. That said, I at least finally got through Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode… got Borderlands on the drive tray but haven’t flipped on the power yet – watching Harry Potter 6 on Blu-Ray at the moment.

And Zeek seems to have survived the vacation, while we were gone… not even too pissed off, by the look of it. He has been a cling-on the first few days we were back – now he seems to be spending a little more time on his own, which is good… however, he’s showing a little bit of white hair all over now – wonder if he’s getting old. I know I can point to individual white hairs on my head and tell you which woman or product release cause them… I would have though it easier for a cat.

Decade++; FTW

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