One for Heaven, One for Hell?

The Voice of God and The Boss both pass in the same week? The Yankees aren’t going to have enough room for the black arm bands for both of these giants… I hope there’s enough room in Monument Park for another plaque for Steinbrenner, because he needs to be in there. Plain and simple.

As the Voice of God, we can be sure Sheppard is going up; as a teacher for years, as well as PA announcer for the Yankees and Giants, he’ll have a space reserved. The question then is where would you put George, after all those years of iron rule, strife, drama, and chaos? After all, the man did hire and fire Billy Martin until he died. Drove an unflappable Torre all the way to the west coast… yet seven World Series rings and eleven Pennants in 37 years?

God is a proven Yankees fan: George should be talking to Captain #9 about how to beast catch a game while wearing wings right about now.

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