iMediaMan version 1.0

iMediaMan lets you take your MediaMan database on the go with you! MediaMan is a general purpose collection organizer for Windows; iMediaMan allows you to download and view your collection on your iPhone or iPod touch.

MediaMan for Windows information | iMediaMan in the iTunes store

Jump to the FAQ on iMediaMan for iOS for more information.

Where did the FAQ go?

It went here:

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  1. Yep: can’t add. I talked to the author of MediaMan on the PC version and the biggest worry there is keeping the database in sync… you’d have to move it from PC to iPhone to PC. That kept the scope of the app to read only: basically, a copy of your library on the road, so you know what you have… I never remember :)

  2. I have downloaded the app. but cannot work out how to get my imediaman collection from my pc onto my ipad, please explain???

    Thank you.

  3. This is in the FAQ above: you need to upload the MMC file to any web server you want and then download it to the phone using a URL.

    In coming releases, I hope to have this a bit more streamlined by including the file transfer in Drop Box or iTunes, but for right now HTTP is the only option.

  4. Thanks for reply, but I have absolutely no idea how to install into a web server. Can you provide some further information on exactly how to go about this using a free web server. I should have looked into this further before spending the money on the app. I hope you can come up with an easier way for us non-technical people to get this up and running on our portable devices. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. It IS something I’m actively working on – the ideal for me is to use something like document migration that is built into iTunes (used by Kindle, BlueFire, etc.) but I’ve yet to find documentation on it. The other thing that comes to mind is DropBox but that requires some deep API integration.

    That aside, take a look at since there’s a list of free hosts up there. Anything that lets you upload a file (and then download it back down) would work for this… even things like a publically shared SkyDrive or Google Docs or Mobile Me file should work… so long as the link is: http://<somehostname>/<somefilename&gt;.mmc it should work fine.

  6. Just a quick update: I definitely have found what is needed to let iTunes share documents over to the device for iMediaMan, so the next release (either 1.0.1 or 1.1) will have this. I also added a “refresh” button to the list of MMC files, since the UI was getting cranky if you had the app running and moved files over.

    Sorry that this wasn’t in the initial release – the best I can offer is that it’ll be address in the next week or two.

  7. Well Done!!! Have finally uploaded my media man library onto my ipad & ipod touch via loading the file into Itunes. Thank you so much for your help.

    Nice to know there are innovative and clever people like you out there. Cheers mate.

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