PRK: Week 6 – 8

On December 6th, I voluntarily let someone stick a laser in my eye with hope of being able to get 20/20 vision without glasses or contacts for the first time since 1982.

Since things have been somewhat stable but slightly blurry through the 4th and 5th week, I’m keeping the updates to a minimum while waiting for the magical “Whoo! When did things get so clear!” moment around the 8th week.

Week 6

Drops, drops, and more drops. Really clear vision for one blink worth of time, usually after the drops. And really tired eyes after a full work day of email, documents, and coding.

Week 7

Drops, drops, and one less set of drops! Came off the steroid drops – seems they were causing my eye pressure to increase which is bad news for eye health… been over six weeks now and it should be safe to be done with them. During this week’s Dr visit eye sight seemed a little better but not that much better to write home about – the good thing to me there was that it continues to improve at all!

Week 8 minus 1 day

This morning, out of no where, a whole bunch of vision popped a bit clearer. There are still something that are off… like right now, I can read a bunch of stuff on my TV but the green circle of light on my TiVo is blurry, almost as if there are two of them. If I squint down a little bit, it’s clear. Focusing longer distance is still a bit off too, but I think it’s on the move again…

Week 8

Reset the font size of SharpMT back down to the 10 point I usually use since I can read it again. Also had a Dr visit this week: eye pressure is back to normal and everything else is OK. I have had some headache type pain around my left eye but the general notion is that it’s dryness related, which comes as no surprise. Doc put in a couple of “temporary plugs” that are supposed to help with dryness – I don’t notice them either way, so I dunno how well they are working *g*. That aside, I’m also off the eye lubrication gel at night as an experiment. If I wake with dry eye pain during the night, you bet I’ll start back on them again.

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