iMediaMan version 1.1.1: Now Available!

iMediaMan v1.1.1 has been submitted to the App Store for Review.

In this release:

– FIX: resized product image for Details, based on product image

– FIX: updated the product image view

– FIX: retina display icon is now being used

– FIX: some better handling on landscape for details

– FIX: tweaked the layout on “Description”

– FIX: landscape mode on “Add a Library” handles rotate better

– FIX: better handling when the phone runs low on memory

iMediaMan for iOS FAQ | MediaMan for Windows information | iMediaMan in the iTunes store

7 thoughts on “iMediaMan version 1.1.1: Now Available!”

  1. Should work on 3.2, I think – does the App Store stop you from buying it? I mean I know it works on 4.2 and 4.3 since that’s what I’m running on my own device, but it should have been cross compiled for 3.x…

    Another question is why are you still on 3.x?

  2. I just downloaded your app (which looks great btw) but I doesn’t seem to work with the original free version of mediaman MMC files. Your app doesn’t mention anything about needed a certain version of mediaman.

    A while back, mediaman stopped being free and switched to a new version where the MMC files needed to be converted to work with the latest version.

    Since I never updated my collection and am still with the free version, I was wondering if your app could support my MMC file. Otherwise, I just bought your app for nothing…

  3. Actually, there’s not much I can do for this. The applications (WP7 and iOS) are based off the current version of MediaMan, which I believe is 3.1. I have no knowledge of and no way to support the previous versions – I didn’t even know previous free versions of MediaMan existed.

    The good news is that if you upgrade to the newer version of MediaMan, the app you bought will work (and will continued to be supported to new versions going forward).

    You also might want to ping He – the MediaMan author – and see what options he can provide… he would know the differences between the versions and what upgrade path is available.

  4. I was very happy to learn about iMediaMan and I bought it immediately. Unfortunately I just now learned that it does not work with iOS4.x.

    Does it really use features only available on iOS5? I do not want to update my iPhone 3GS to iOS5 because of performance reasons. It would be great to be able to use iMediaMan on iOS4.x as well if there are no technical necessities for iOS5.

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